10 Things You Need To Know About Hampton Roads

Dated: 05/21/2015

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Let’s be honest; you don’t just want your cake, you want to eat it, too. I mean, what’s the point of getting a decadent treat if all you can do is stare at it? It’s like asking you to sit in a Maserati without the keys or the front row at your favorite artist’s concert with noise canceling headphones. What’s the sense in that? If you’re one of those people who see eye to eye with me, then we need to talk because you, dear reader, need to think seriously about moving to Hampton Roads. In fact, I’m going to give you 10 reasons or things you need to know about Hampton Roads.

  • It’s Cake AND Icing

Hampton Roads is comprised of seven cities. These cities make up one enormous playground, and I’m not saying this metaphorically. Looking for a place to please your inner child? Want that “got my cake, and I’m going to eat it” sensation? It’s here. It’s here every day of the week with a non-stop array of everything to do and experience, all bundled up in this neat little package stamped ‘Hampton Roads.’

  • Love Affair, Check

No, I’m not talking about daytime television drama (but that’s broadcast every day without interruption if you need a fix). Hampton Roads has a long-standing love affair with jazz.

Ella Fitzgerald was born and raised in Hampton Roads. She hailed from Newport News, and each year a celebratory party is held in her honor. The five-day festival of song and soul brings the finest jazz musicians from around the world!

  • We’ve Got Pirates

Argh, matey! There be pirates in these parts!

How much do you love mariner pastime? Hampton Roads is steeped in a storied history, which includes the infamous pirate, Blackbeard. In fact, the local area played a huge role in the notorious scallywag’s demise.

Don’t believe me? Check out the annual Blackbeard Pirate Festival and learn the tale. The festival puts on staged skirmishes and a ton of family-friendly music and fun – it’s a win-win for the kids!

  • A Surprising Accent

It’s Virginia, and you’re bound to be surrounding by a relaxing, southern drawl, right? Wrong! Southern culture certainly comes with southern accents, but Hampton Roads is unique with a Tidewater accent. It’s a non-rhotic accent, which means you might live in “Naw-fick, Vuhginia” or “Norfolk, Virginia.”

  • Amazing Parks

Love the outdoors? Then you need to love Hampton Roads because we love being outdoors. We populate our parks in these parts, and Newport News Park just happens to be one of the largest in the nation. Additionally, it’s home to one of the greatest festivals around called the Children’s Festival of Friends.

  • One Big Happy City

Or is it? Hampton Roads may be made of seven cities, but it feels like one ginormous city! While each city seems to harbor a species unto itself and a history of fighting to maintain different identities, the people of Hampton Roads are some of the nicest on the planet. There really is no place like home when it comes to calling Hampton Roads home.

  • Beach Season is Glorious

Living at the beach without the weather to enjoy it is like staring at that scrumptious cake and never getting to taste it. It’s cruel, inhuman, and just plain wrong! Thank goodness Virginia’s beach season is glorious!

Virginia Beach, the largest of the seven cities, is populated with gorgeous beachfront, and it’s one of the largest tourist areas on the east coast. Unlike Florida, it offers warm and mild weather. We are talking Virginia, so it does get cold, but it’s not the frigid cold of the North nor the blistering, dry heat of the far South; it’s a happy medium.

  • Over The Top Art Appreciation

Love art? So do we! In fact, if you move to Hampton Roads, you won’t know what to do with yourself. The area is pickled in modern art, but it gets eclectic, too. How eclectic? Well, when the Chrysler Museum of Art reopened, it floated a giant rubber duck to celebrate:

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