25 Things You Must Do While Living In Hampton Roads VA

Dated: 03/20/2014

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Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been living in Hampton Roads, VA for a while, there are always things to do. But, if you had to narrow down the choices and create your own Hampton Roads bucket list, there are a few things you must do to fulfill it. While cruise lines might not stop in Hampton Roads to do stuff, there is a surprising amount of things Hampton Roads, VA has to offer.  

Eat on the porch – Eat somewhere (at a friend’s house or even a restaurant) where you can sit on a porch and enjoy the smell of the ocean and the breeze.

Take pictures with the Mermaids – In Norfolk there are mermaids all around. Find one that looks like you and take a picture with it.

Take a drink – Have a drink of an O’Connor’s beer or try a St. George’s.

Take a stroll down Olde Towne Portsmouth.

Take a picture in front of the infamous “No Swearing” sign by the Oceanfront.

Dine in at the Vintage Tavern located in Suffolk.

Take a drive to the Outer Banks and hang out for a while.

8.       Take the kids out and fly a kite at Jockey’s Ridge.
Head over to Norfolk and eat at the famous Doumar’s. Here you’ll find the first invented ice cream cone.

Go to Currituck County and feed on the pure adrenaline of Grave Digger.

Go over to any northeastern North Carolina town you can find and count how many Wright Brothers references you find.

Take a ride on the Elizabeth River Ferry and go from Norfolk to Portsmouth.

Catch a free concert at the Town Point Park or Oceanfront and enjoy a picnic on the grass.

Go kayaking in one of the rivers.

Visit Busch Gardens and conquer your fear of heights and scary rides.

Go to any of the beaches in Virginia Beach and take a picture while the sun is just barely starting to set.

17.   Visit the Luna Maya in Norfolk and eat Bolivian cuisine.
18.   Take a hike with the family at First Landing State Park.
Fish from the pier and see what you and the kids can catch.

Head to downtown Norfolk and tour Battleship Wisconsin. Don’t forget to take a picture.

21.   Drive out to Suffolk and take a tour of the Planters Peanuts Center.
Attend one of the many weekly festivals going on in Hamptons Road, VA. You will be surprised how many festivals happen each year.

Go to Williamsburg for a little colonial fun. Don’t forget to tour Washington’s house or wear one of the infamous colonial hats.

24.   Head to Cape Henry and take a tour of the lighthouse.
Catch a Tides game and eat a fried Twinkie — they’re the best at the stadium.
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