5 Events To Discover In Williamsburg

Dated: 04/14/2015

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Williamsburg is one of the most northern cities in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. It’s a city with a rich, long reaching history. And while it might appear to be a sleepy town, it has a lot going on. In fact, there are five events to discover in Williamsburg that we think you should check out, whether you’re a current resident or thinking about purchasing real estate in the Williamsburg area.

#1 Colonial Williamsburg: Tavern Ghost Walk

Local tourism, which has grown up around Colonial Williamsburg, has made it a magnet for homebuyers with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a great place to launch a business geared toward visitors, but it’s also an attraction for history lovers.

Throughout 2015 (from January 1 through December 31), Colonial Williamsburg is hosting the Tavern Ghost Walk. It’s a family-friendly tour promising excitement for all ages, and it can accommodate both strollers and wheelchairs.

The ghost walk gives visitors a glimpse at the 21st-century folklore surrounding the Revolutionary City. It’s hosted at the famous Shields Tavern, and it lasts for roughly one hour. Tickets must be purchased in advance, which you can do from ColonialWilliamsburg.com.

#2 Oxen: Source of Power

Virginians love their horses, and that love isn’t limited to modern day residents. Horses have been a staple of Williamsburg history, but oxen were the preferred animal for long-distance moves and transportation. They were tasked with pulling plows and moving heavy loads, and they played an important role in 18th-century Virginia.

The Oxen: Source of Power program is one of the most lively lectures in Williamsburg during the spring and summer months. It runs from March through June. Guests will learn about the history of this gentle yet powerful giant, the role they placed in Virginia’s history and basic care for oxen. Locations can vary, so be sure to check “Colonial Williamsburg Today” for the latest news before attending.

#3 Lake Maury Boat Dock Rentals

What’s summer without a visit to the beach and the lake? Williamsburg offers the best of both worlds. As a part of Hampton Roads, it is within driving distance of Virginia Beach for that much needed oceanfront getaway. But homeowners don’t need to go much farther than their own local lake for fun in the sun.

From April to July, Lake Maury boat dock rentals are available at The Mariners’ Museum Park. It’s the perfect way to unwind, whether fishing or relaxation is on your agenda. The boat dock stays open on weekends through July 26.

The Mariners’ Museum hosts a slew of events throughout the year. Be sure to check out their website for a constant stream of what’s happening in Williamsburg.

#4 A Chef’s Garden Tour & Tasting

Everybody loves food, and we all have an affinity for enjoying good food. It’s why we put together our Foodie’s Guide to Hampton Roads; potential homebuyers who love good food and the perks of coastal living will be more than happy if they buy a house in Hampton Roads. Williamsburg is no exception.

On May 2, 2015, you will have the opportunity to take a 45-minute walking tour through the Kings Arms & Wythe House historic gardens. It’s a limited time event every food lover must attend! The tour is concluded with a tasting of historic flavors all fresh from the garden to your table, and this upcoming event intends to expand your knowledge and love of basil with creative basil dishes.

Admission is open to the public, but tickets do need to be purchased in advance. Check out the event website for details, and don’t forget your walking shoes!

#5 Colonial Williamsburg Employee Arts & Crafts Show

Food adventures are not the only thing awaiting homeowners in Williamsburg the weekend of May 2nd. The Colonial Williamsburg Employee Arts and Crafts Show will also be running May 2nd through 3rd.

The event is the result of Colonial Williamsburg retirees, volunteers, and employees coming together to present and sell handmade gifts. It’s the perfect event to find local, unique pieces of art and craft. Handmade paintings and jams are just a portion of the diverse things to be found.

It’s a staple event showcasing the local community, and a must see if you’re thinking about buying a house in Williamsburg. It grants a fantastic glimpse into the community right alongside a unique look at local talent. You can follow the event and some community happening on the event’s Facebook page.

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