5 Home Staging Mistakes You Dont Even Know You Are Making

Dated: 03/14/2018

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To start with, staging a house or a home means enhancing its features. The more you store your room the more it becomes smaller, and I don’t think the buyer will like it if the room appears small. Let your room be simple and not too much complicated. The best thing to do, get some staging tips if you are planning to sell out your house. Staging a house can make a buyer go crazy and even give more than you expected. The following are some of the mistake that most of the seller do when staging their houses.

Using bold and customs wallpapers or colors

Remember to keep your house as simple as possible. Experimenting different ways of keeping your house the way you want with lots of colors is best if only you are planning to stay there but not when selling the house. Most buyers might not love the idea and in the process they will lose interest in buying the house.  

Personalizing the décor

The same case as putting of colors and wallpaper of your choice, if the décor is too much of what you love most buyers’ wills find it difficult to accept the house thinking that their own décor will not work.

Not doing enough cleaning

How do you expect someone to purchase a house which is not well kept? Any buyer considers a house or a home which is clean and well kept. The garden should be neat and the walls of the house should be well painted. Cleanness is the first thing that everyone wants.

Neglecting the little things

When you decide to stage a house think even of the small things that might make it worse. Make the buyer feel that the house is perfect for his/her family. For example, placing a coffee table at the wrong place, it may seem to be a minor mistake but the buyer may not like the house due to it.

Staging every room

Another mistake is staging every room, some of the rooms should be left untouched and let the buyer decide for him/herself how the room will be staged after going in. Most of the real estate agent advises sellers not to stage the room and let the buyer picture it on him/herself. You might stage a room thinking that you will impress the buyer not knowing that you are making a big mistake.

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