5 Homebuyer Turnoffs

Dated: 02/19/2015

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Selling a house used to be a simple thing. You would tidy up the rooms, snap photos, get it listed, and before you knew it, offers would pour in. It wasn’t too long ago that demand was higher than supply, launching homebuyers into all out bidding wars. Today, it’s a different story. Foreclosures have tainted the market, poisoning people’s perspective. Buyers are convinced if they just wait; they can steal a property for less than the asking price. What’s a smart seller to do? For starters, avoid the most common five homebuyer turnoffs.

The key to selling property in today’s market is to stage correctly and have a good agent. If you do it right, the house will hopefully be off the market within a few weeks so you can get back to your regularly scheduled life.

  • Dirt and Dust Bunnies

Nothing says, “Don’t buy me” like dirt and dust bunnies. Homebuyers have a preconception before they set foot in a house. They expect it to be clean, at least modestly. Dust and dirt buildups will draw their attention over the amenities and features. It can stall the sale before an offer is ever made.

  • The Nose Knows

It has been said buyers buy with their noses. If your home smells fresh and inviting, it will instantly paint a positive picture. If a step over the threshold causes them to gasp for fresh air due to odd odors emanating from the floors, walls, or kitchen, it will kill the sale almost immediately.

Pet owners and smokers should take extra care to deodorize their homes. People who own pets or smoke build a tolerance to smells non-pet owners and non-smokers find offensive. Roughly 50 percent of the popular don’t want be close to or smell a dog. So failing to get rid of these odors will cause a selling fail.

  • Over Personal Selling

Here’s a huge turnoff you don’t always think about: being there when the house is shown. Real estate agents and homebuyers flinch when the seller meets them for a showing. Even if you’re living in the house, you should do your best to be somewhere else when a potential buyer comes by for a showing.

It’s easy to overwhelm or cause a buyer discomfort by being in the house. It’s especially annoying if the seller is determined to offer their two cents about the property. It’s a turnoff, plain and simple.

Trust your real estate agent, and even the one a potential buyer is working with. They’ve sold thousands of homes. They have a system. They know how to get the maximum value, and they know how to sell. Let them do their job.

  • Misrepresentation

This homebuyer turnoff is precisely why you need an experienced real estate agent. Everything from descriptions to photos needs to represent the property correctly. If a buyer sees immaculate pictures in an online listing only to visit a house in disrepair and under the onslaught of a dust bunny army, they’re going to walk.

Misrepresentation kills a quick sale. The first and last defense at your disposal is a real estate agent. They will assist in properly represent your home, and they will ensure you’re upfront—something homebuyers strongly favor.

  • Poor Curb Appeal

If you had your hopes set on a cute little house in Virginia Beach only to arrive at a grim looking scene, how would you react? The appearance of your home from the curb is like a handshake; it leaves a critical first impression.

Pressure wash the exterior. Mow the grass. Trim the bushes. Lay fresh mulch. Create a wow factor. When a potential buyer pulls up, you want them to say, “Wow! This one looks better than the pictures.”

Poor curb appeal due to an unkempt yard, hanging gutters, crocked shutters, and a grimy exterior will instantly turn off a potential buyer’s motor. In fact, it can cause them to simply drive on to their next prospect.

Selling Your Home in 2015

The real estate market is predicted to move more into the territory of a seller’s market in 2015. As rental rates rise, more and more people will be looking to buy. Your mission is to avoid deal breakers when selling you home. Your best ally will be an experienced real estate agent.

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