5 Of The Best Neighborhoods In Hampton Roads

Dated: 03/12/2015

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Did you know that Hampton Roads ranks within the top 10 percent of the largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States? It has a rapidly growing population of over 1.5 million and includes the great city of Virginia Beach. It’s no wonder so many people scramble to make the area home. But if you’re looking to buy, or even rent, a home in Hampton Roads, where should you look? We understand your dilemma, which is why we’ve compiled this report of five of the best neighborhoods in Hampton Roads.

The Hampton Roads area houses one town and a total of 16 cities and counties. It offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, and clearly, they are not all created equal. As a homebuyer, you may be seeking to investigate neighborhoods now, before purchasing a home. On the other hand, you might be looking for a rental property in or nearby the city you wish to call home while you prepare for homeownership. Either way, it never hurts to get the insider scoop on some worthy communities.

#1: North Virginia Beach

We all want to buy a house in an area that lends itself to living the good life. Northern Virginia Beach is just that area. Highly desired by out-of-towners, young professionals, and families, it’s a truly awesome city with fabulous annual attractions and activities. You will never run out of fun things to do in Virginia Beach.

It’s also the perfect area if living close to the beach is on your checklist. The Boardwalk and lively nightlife scene make it a constant source of excitement, and there is no shortage of property for sale.

#2: Port Warwick in Newport News

Are you looking for a neighborly lifestyle? If so, then Port Warwick in Newport News, VA should be on your list of potential fits. It offers the friendly, neighborly lifestyle that is so often associated with living in the South.

Port Warwick is convenient to both Center City and Oyster Point. It’s an affordable area for both homebuyers and renters seeking a good place to call home while saving for a mortgage down payment. It’s also a more affordable neighborhood in comparison to downtown, and it offers a true and strong sense of community.

#3: The Ghent District in Norfolk

If you’re looking for a trendy spot to call home, Norfolk needs to be on your list. In fact, the Ghent District in Norfolk has been referred to by locals as one of the trendiest places in Virginia. It offers newer construction, including apartments for those who opt to rent before or while purchasing a home.

The area is rich in waterfront property. The neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly, and the views are outstanding. There’s a great many dining options in the local and nearby region, making it a food lovers delight.

#4: South Norfolk in Chesapeake

South Norfolk, also known as SoNo, was at first independent from Chesapeake. Today, it’s considered an extension of Chesapeake. Although the area has seen a turbulent history, recent years have ushered in an infusion of new, young life.

An ever-growing crowd of singles and younger couples has moved into SoNo, making it a great location for first time homebuyers seeking a community of youthful residents. Many families occupy the neighborhood, and there is an array of marginally inexpensive rental properties in comparison to other parts of the city. There’s plenty of opportunity to test out the neighborhood before planting roots and investing in a home of your own.

#5: Fox Hill in Hampton

Fox Hill is a community dating back to 1625. It’s a beach town located near the Langley Air Force Base. Not only is it a budget-friendly location, but it offers a diverse and hospitable community of residents.

The town earned its name from the freely roaming wild turkeys and foxes inhabiting the area. It’s the perfect place to kick back and live a relaxed lifestyle while staying within a comfortable distance of bigger, more metropolitan areas.

Finding a House in Hampton Roads

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