5 Reasons To Buy A House In Virginia Beach

Dated: 10/27/2015

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You’re in the market for a new home. Well, maybe not a new home. New construction is often fraught with unseen issues and lacks the character of older houses. But you are in the market for a home that is new to you. You are in search of the best market, the best location, and the most prime opportunities. Relocation isn’t a roadblock, but deciding where to relocate to is – not anymore! We’re about to give you five reasons to buy a house in Virginia Beach over any other U.S. location.

1: A Stunning Location and We’re Not Talking Beach

Virginia Beach is found within a coastal area of Virginia known as Hampton Roads. The area’s largest city is Virginia Beach, but it also includes the nearby cities of:

  • Norfolk, VA

  • Chesapeake, VA

  • Newport News, VA

  • Hampton, VA

  • Portsmouth, VA

  • Suffolk, VA

  • Poquoson, VA

  • Williamsburg, VA

  • Elizabeth City, VA

  • Kill Devil Hills, VA

Just about every city is connected and easily accessible to Virginia Beach, which gives the area a stunning edge. Your search for employment opportunities will never be limited to a single city, and the industries at your fingertips are remarkably diverse. With over 1,000 major employers to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect company to call home. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

According to Inside Business, Hampton Roads took third place among medium companies, and it is one of the best areas to gain employment on the Eastern Seaboard. Virginia Beach prominently sits as the area’s largest city, teeming with opportunities from major industries like tourism, medical, industrial, arts and crafts, information technology, government, and aerospace – just to name a few.

2: International Recognition

When we think about cities garnering international recognition, we often think of giant names with even larger industries; the movie making capital of the U.S. known as Los Angeles, the Big Apple known as New York City, the seat of our government in Washington, DC. We don’t often include Virginia Beach, but take a trip outside our country’s borders, and it’s a different story.

According to the Trip and Travel Blog, Virginia Beach places among the most popular destination locations in the world. Why? For starters, it’s listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest stretch of pleasure beach. How impressive is this stretch? It is some 35 miles long. Made of three primary beaches – Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Bay Beach, and Sandbridge Beach – it’s a beach lover’s nirvana amongst paradise.

Virginia Beach just might be the best ever combination of location for economics and recreation. Combine this with its international appeal, and you would be stupid not to relocate here, especially if you harbor an entrepreneurial spirit!

3: Housing Diversity

Have you ever noticed how some cities seem to have the same bland cookie-cutter houses on every street? It’s a homebuyer’s nightmare, especially when looking for character. You don’t want the same house as your next door neighbor; you want a house that screams, “[Insert your name] lives here!” Sure, you can add your own yard décor and spice up the interior, but maybe you’re a bookworm and you want a reading nook with a gorgeous picture window. Maybe you’re an avid lover of historic architecture and want a house that’s a blast from the past. Where do you look?

Virginia Beach has perhaps the most diverse housing in the state, if not the East Coast. Your options range from historic to modern, from single family housing to communities of townhomes and condos. To say there is something for everyone is putting it mildly.

Looking for historic flair? Start by checking out the neighborhood of Princess Anne, a community dating back to 1691.

Interested in the more modern condominium setup? No problem! Take a peek at the neighborhood of Oceans Condominium.

In search of an affordable home with character? Check out the neighborhood of Abingdon Village. And these are just three of the many Virginia Beach neighborhoods you can choose from.

4: Unlimited Entertainment

Unless you’re a homebody with little interest in straying far from the comfort of your home, entertainment is important. You want options and variety because variety is the spice of life. There is plenty of this spice to be found in Virginia Beach.

The city offers a potluck of things to do from annual festivals to day trip outings. The Boardwalk features a constant influx of entertainment, including sidewalk performers. Whether your tastes lie in the sophistication of fine art and wine or the good ‘ole fun of a rock ‘n roll performance, the beach is teeming with unlimited entertainment all year long. The best news is the majority of it is free or almost free.

#5: The Best People on the Planet

Virginia Beach houses one of the most culturally diverse populations on the planet, but that’s not all. We also see a constant influx of culture thanks to our booming tourism industry. As a result, our city is home to some of the best, most friendly people on the planet. We also boast a low crime rate, making us not just a friendly location but a safe one, too.

If you’ve ever vacationed to the southern portion of our nation, you no doubt found yourself in awe of how friendly the locals were to visitors and newcomers. If you’ve ever vacationed overseas in the United Kingdom, you were likely impressed by how outgoing and talkative the locals were to international visitors. Combine these two experiences and you begin to scratch the surface of the friendly disposition found throughout Hampton Roads, but especially within the boundaries of Virginia Beach.

Start House Shopping Today

We can say with confidence that no place on Earth compares to Virginia Beach. Our city offers the finest in living without shattering your piggy bank. What’s not to love? Why not get a taste of how great our city is by starting to shop for a house today? We’re just a phone call or electronic message away, and we’ll be the first to show you just how awesome it is to call Virginia Beach home!

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