5 Reasons To Visit The Norfolk Botanical Garden

Dated: 01/07/2016

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Hidden away in a thriving city filled with bright lights and enriched culture is a breathtaking landscape filled with the vibrant colors and scented aromas of nature’s beauty. Whether you are moving to Norfolk, Virginia or just visiting, one of the best places to visit is the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Established through a WPA grant in 1938, the Norfolk Botanical Garden is 175 acres of breathtaking landscape and the home of 52 themed gardens, including the World of Wonder Children’s Garden. The property itself is considered to be one of the largest collectors of popular flowers such as azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, and camellias. It is also home to approximately 95 bird species and 30 various types of butterflies.

1. Explore the 52 Gardens

Enjoy the beautiful gardens along this widespread property. There is a garden for every season, as well as a year-round garden. Roam around and smell the roses, azaleas, and lilies or watch as your children play in the adventure garden. Make the Norfolk Botanical Gardens your own personal playground by enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you, and check out some of these popular gardens:

  • WPA Memorial Garden

  • Japanese Garden

  • Sensory Garden

  • Baker Overlook

  • Bicentennial Rose Garden

  • World of Wonder Children’s Garden

  • Colonial Herb Garden

  • Bristow Butterfly Garden

2. Nature Education in Norfolk

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens believes in the importance of reaching out to its citizens and educating them regarding conservation and horticulture. Several educational programs are held throughout the year that offer classes and programs. Anyone from elementary students to adults may participate.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn a thing or two about gardening, how to utilize a garden as a food source, and the importance of the local bee population and their contribution to pollination. Classes centered on these subjects will help everyone develop a sense of economic and environmental sustainability in their daily lives.

3. A Great Even Planning Venue

Planning a secret garden themed birthday party? Just engaged and searching for the perfect wedding venue? Looking to boost morale at the office? The Norfolk Botanical Garden offers beautiful event spaces for rent to make your event special and unique. The gardens offer both indoor and outdoor venues that overlook the beautiful grounds, allowing you to capture the perfect moment. Some of their most popular venues include:

  • Baker Hall and Visitor Center

  • Garden Café

  • The Rotunda

  • Rose Garden Hall

  • Baker’s Overlook

  • Bristow Butterfly Garden

  • Bicentennial Rose Garden

4. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens’ Annual Special Events

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens is a popular destination for those visiting and living in the area. The garden hosts some of the area’s most popular special events. They have an event for virtually every season as is the grounds are open year round and, of course, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. You’ll want to check out the:

  • Million Bulb Walk

  • Dominion Garden of Lights

  • Garden Run

  • Hogwarts Express

  • Family Fitness with Fido

5. The Exhibits

The Norfolk Botanical Garden hosts different types of exhibits both in and outside throughout the year. Whether it be artists from around the nation who come to display their gorgeous pieces of work or a chef to show visitors how to utilize a homegrown garden, the Garden’s exhibits are fun for the entire community.

The Norfolk Botanical Garden believes in the importance of community and integrates nature with some of the most popular past times. Some of their upcoming exhibits include:

  • The Great Frame Up

  • The Artist’s Garden

  • Incredible Edibles

  • The Pollinator’s Perspective

Visiting the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Norfolk is a beautiful piece of land that offers perfect serenity and an oasis. Much like the city of Norfolk, the garden encompasses the passion and creativity of the many people in and around the area and strives to share those things with the masses through the beauty of nature.

Come and gather your thoughts in the Japanese garden. Watch your children discover their secret garden escape in a world filled with wonder and imagination. Learn how to grow and cook from the comfort of your own backyard, or simply prepare to host a special event. Whatever your reason for visiting the gardens, be sure to stop and take in the beauty that surrounds you!

Once you’ve basked in the beauty of the Norfolk Botanical Garden, don’t forget to wander around the city and take it its natural beauty.

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