5 Simple DIY Home Security Tips Cost Effective Security

Dated: 03/18/2014

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How much should we spend to protect our homes? Recent financial predictions show that Americans are predicted to spend $34.46 billion on home security systems by 2017 with an extra monthly allowance for monitoring the system (averaging $30/month). Aside from the cost of such a system, it’s reported that approximately 80% of people who employ such technologies experience false readings leading to the alarm being set off without cause. Because these events occur often, many people actually ignore the alarm. By following 5 simple DIY home security tips, you can combine the peace of mind of a security system without the costly expense.

DIY Home Security Tip #1: Keep an Eye on Post
The first DIY home security tip is based on appearances. Burglars will inspect a neighborhood to find out which homes look like good easy targets. Properties with stacks of flyers and other mail that is visible to passersby look like they are uninhabited. Whether it is true or not, a burglar could see old newspapers on the doorstep and assume that the owners are away on vacation, making the property seem like a perfect pick.
DIY Home Security Tip #2: Trim Back the Garden The second DIY home security tip makes it harder for burglars to approach or leave a property without being seen. Home owners should trim any shrubbery in their garden. This way there will be fewer places for robbers to hide.
DIY Home Security Tip #3: Laptop Surveillance
Third on the DIY home security tip list is tech savvy surveillance. There are a lot of wireless home security systems on the market but most of them are fairly expensive to run. As a quick fix for home-owners who are going out for the day is to download software that enables them to use their webcam as a surveillance camera.
DIY Home Security Tip #4: Generic Stickers
Many people use home security system stickers placed on the windows of a home to act as a deterrent to burglars. While this is a brilliant and effective idea for those who actually have security alarm systems, it’s better to use generic stickers rather than displaying the kind of alarm system it is. If you advertise the security method you use, it’s likely someone will figure out how to breach it.
DIY Home Security Tip #5: Wooden Dowel Jammer
This DIY home security tip is so simple and yet it’s one of the most effective ways to jam a window. Simply cut down a wooden dowel to fit the length of the window in question and lay it in the track. It will now be impossible to pry open the window from the outside. The best form of home security is actually to deter criminals from thinking that your home is a viable target. To do this, it’s not necessary to turn your home into Fort Knox but you should leave visible clues that tell burglars they will have to work hard to get away with anything from your home.  
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