A Church Without Walls Is Receiving Luv In September

Dated: 09/17/2015

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Blu Skyy Realty is on a mission to “Make Good Things Happen for other People.” One of the ways we fulfill our mission is by hosting a “We Vote For Luv Donation Contest” each month. Our employees nominate organizations that they are passionate about, and that they feel deserve some “luv” in the form of a donation. We like to not only spotlight the chosen organizations, but also the Blu Skyy Realty employees who nominated them. We love to learn why each organization is so close to our employees’ hearts!

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A Church Without Walls "Homeless Ministry" is one of the organizations participating in our September We Vote for Luv Donation Contest. A Church Without Walls started ministering to the homeless community in late November 2011.  This ministry was born out of desire to care for the poor and needy in our community.  They believe this represents the heart of God.  Their ministry provides a home cooked meal, clothing, a listening ear and a message of hope, each Saturday night.  They have ‘church in the streets’ creating an atmosphere of worship and prayer, as they meet the basic needs of the homeless in our community. A Church Without Walls was nominated by one of Blu Skyy Realty's Real Estate Agents and Southside Team Leader, James Griffin. 

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We asked James why he chose to nominate A Church Without Walls to participate in our September We Vote for Luv Donation Contest. James stated that, "I learned of A Church Without Walls when my clients, brothers Stepheno and Phillip Zollos, introduced me to this organization.  They showed so much passion for their role in this ministry that it inspired me to help their "Homeless Ministry" get some "luv" from our monthly voting contest.  By looking further at their mission, I can understand that they also align with the Blu Skyy Realty mission "to help make good things happen for other people."

We encourage you to visit www.bluskyyluv.com, or our Facebook page, to participate in our September We Vote For Luv Donation Contest. You can vote daily for your favorite organization, and help us at Blu Skyy Realty spread some “luv”, and fulfill our mission to “Make Good Things Happen for Other People.”

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