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Dated: 02/24/2015

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You’re selling a house in Virginia Beach. You know there is a boatload of reasons for buyers to be interested in your property. You’re looking for a quick sale. After waiting patiently for a series of potential buyers to view the house, you’re biting your fingernails in suspense. But you’re the only one biting. No one’s chomping at the bit to buy. What’s happening? How can you land a quick sale in Virginia Beach?

The Secret to a Quick Sale

Appearance is everything. Virginia Beach is already an ideal location, and chances are the neighborhood and exterior of your home are not eyesores. But the real secret to a quick sales lies in good staging. And here’s another secret: good staging doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can hire a professional “stager” tasked with preparing the home for the nitpicky eyes of prospective buyers. But beware! Professional help can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour.

As an experienced, local real estate company, our agents have overseen the quick sales of hundreds of homes. We’ve learned a few cost effective tricks along the way; tricks you can use to take matters into your own hands for next to nothing:

  • Pack Up Personal Items

You’ve been living in your home for how many years now? It’s your personal space, and you’ve spent years personalizing it.

Think back to when you first saw the house you’re about to sell. It wasn’t plastered wall-to-wall with the then seller’s photographs and personal décor, was it? In fact, it was likely sparse. It was like looking at a blank canvas; a canvas you were free to picture yourself filling with your things.

You need to stage the same blank canvas for your prospective buyers. Pack up your personal items and give them an up-close look at the raw potential of your home. A roll of packing tape costs only a few dollars, and you can find boxes for free or cheap almost anywhere.

  • Neutralize

Hooking a quick sales takes planning. It’s crucial to present a well-represented home the buyer can picture as their own. To achieve this, neutralize everything. That means:

  • Neutral wall colors

  • Neutral flooring

  • No funky odors (neutralize them)

  • Think Local and Beyond

Virginia Beach isn’t just a place for year-around residents. It’s a destination spot. It’s where people from up and down the east coast—even across the country—plan their yearly getaways. It’s the perfect spot for a vacation home, and it’s an ideal location for hungry investors eager to stake a claim to a property that can produce a return.

Landing a quick sale can sometimes require a little out of the box thinking. When listing your property, make it appealing to multiple types of buyers:

  • First-Time Buyers: The first-time buyer is usually looking for a home to start a family in. They’re after space, features, and location. They want an easy commute to work, a few rooms to expand into as their family grows, and lots of storage space.

  • Vacation Home Buyers: It’s all about location! Buyers in search of a vacation home usually target Virginia Beach. They want a house near the water. Just because your house is a few blocks away versus right on the beach doesn’t mean it’s any less appealing to a vacation homebuyer. If your property is within a 20 to 30 minute drive to the coast, it could be exactly what a beach bird is looking for.

  • Investors: Buyers with a view to invest are usually looking to snap up property for rental income. They’ll be on the watch for two to four bedroom homes in close proximity to schools (especially colleges) and downtown. Some investors will even be watching for vacation properties to rent out when seasonal visitors plan their vacations to the beach.

Working With a Real Estate Agent

The hardest thing about staging a house for a quick sale is removing you. After so many years in the same place, our homes reflect our lifestyles; they reflect who we are.

Work with a local real estate agent to create a blank canvas where potential buyers can insert their dream. Together, you can present your house to a wide market of buyers and make a quick sale in Virginia Beach.

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