Am I Eluding The American Dream By Renting

Dated: 08/01/2016

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  One of the wonderful things about being an American is that other people beliefs are not forced on one another. Everyone has the right to determine how and where they want to live as long as they are not breaking laws/rules and it is within their financial means. With that being said a person has the right to rent opposed to owning their own home. Like paying for a services such as cable, a tenant (a person who) is paying a landowner to live in their residence for a period of time. This situation is ideal for an individual who moves often, wants to live an elaborate lifestyle with minuscule funds, or does not want to be responsible with maintaining property.

Renting a dwelling place is a personal choice with a lot of advantages. The first advantage that comes to mind is mobility. If a person is going to live in an area for least then three years than renting may be an excellent residential choice. There are several reasons why people decide to stay in an area short term: attending an educational facility, having a career that requires a person to move such as the military, acquiring a place to lodge while caring for an ill family member or friend, while others find enjoyment in relocating to different areas for excitement.. 

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The reason why it is itinerant is because a lease is short term. There are different types of leases: 1.Tenancy for Years. This contract is widely used because it has a specific start and end date. The length of occupancy can be for days, weeks, months, and even years. Since there is a termination date the landlord nor the tenant have to give notice of a move out date. 2. Periodic Tenancy. This tenure has a starting date with a suggested end date that automatically renews itself until the proprietor or leaseholder gives notice of termination. 3. Tenancy at Will. This estate does not carry a termination date. The tenant continues to live there until proper notice of termination is given either by the property owner or lessee. Plus, when an occupant decides to leave before the least is up usually all is required to break the least is to pay a minimum termination fee.

 A person who rents can have a more elaborate lifestyle. Most rental properties come with amenities such as a club house to host parties, pools, gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts and playgrounds. Another plus is that a renter is not responsible for maintenance costs. If something breaks down, such as pipes bursting, roof leaks, or heater does not work, all a tenant have to do is call the landlord to request for repairs. No calling around to locate a repairman who is licensed that will charge a decent price. No worries about whether the funds are available to have the repairs done.

 If renting is for you  do to,the desire to settle down with diminutive cash/ low credit score. this is what is require to rent: Most Landlords will allow a tenant to move in if the person is able to prove they are able to pay rent, have at least three references, pass a background check, and a minimum credit score. Before the tenant moves in the person usually pays first month rent plus a security deposit. Most of the time it is up to the lessee if he/she wants to purchase rental insurance. Rental insurance insures the renter’s tangible items and provide limited liability if a disaster occurs. 

The American dream of Home­ownership is not for everyone. A person who rents a house or an apartment should not be looked on as if the person is a secondary citizen. There are several benefits to renting a house or an apartment. Click on this website to view rentals.  When using this website to search for available rentals please insert my e­mail so I will be assign to work with you, Look forward to working with you soon. I am the Real Estate Lady who focuses on Making Your Realty Dreams a Reality.

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