Are You Committing Curb Appeal Sins

Dated: 02/23/2017

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Are You Committing Curb Appeal Sins

A clumsy, mismatched and unkempt landscape doesn’t just kill your curb appeal — it can actually reduce the value of your property. If you’re in a hurry to sell, your landscaping might be the reason you’re not getting any bites. Poor landscaping tells buyers you don’t take good care of your home — even if the interior is impeccable. Some buyers won’t even take the time out of their day to go in your home and see what you have to offer because the exterior turns them off too much. So, it is important to know what goes into good curb appeal and what curb appeal sins could make your home unsellable.

Haphazard Planting

If you just plant randomly and without much thought, you aren’t going to have a good-looking landscape. Take your time to plan trees, flowers and make sure you have a yard that lasts. Avoid annuals — unless you want to plant them every year. If you can, spend a little extra on a landscape architect and get some real advice on what you can do to spruce up your yard.

Don’t Choke the Plants

While you don’t want to spread out your flowers too far, you also want to give them ample room to grow — especially perennials. Look at the tags on your flowers and see how much space they need once fully matured. You want to leave them enough room so that when they do reach their full size, they aren’t choking other plants in the process. Something to remember: first year it won’t do much, second year it will slowly grow, and third year you’ll really see it expand.

Pick Plants for the Zone

You not only need to know your hardiness zone, but you need to consider sunlight and watering. Not all flowers can handle full sun — so even though they’re pretty, don’t try to plant them where they will die out.

Avoid Seasonal Drab

Pick shrubs and plants that really highlight your yard year-round. Remember that flowers for most regions only bloom in spring and summer. So you want attractive shrubs to boost your curb appeal the rest of the year. Avoid the same shrubs all over the lawn too — this monochromatic look doesn’t appeal much to buyers.

Weeds and Curb Appeal Don’t Mix

How bad is your weed situation? If you haven’t gone out there and pulled the weeds, you need to. Weeds tell buyers that you don’t take care of your flowerbeds — even if you spent a lot of money on the flowers planted there. Before each showing, make sure you take a few minutes to pull the weeds.

Lastly, remember to mow and edge your lawn. Sometimes all it takes is a few hours to mow and edge to really neaten up your lawn and give it a fresh look. Curb appeal is important, especially if you’re selling. By taking the time to boost your curb appeal you can sell your home faster and for what you want.

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