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Oceanfront - vs. Stats

Oceanfront - vs. Stats

The Oceanfront at Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is part of the resort area of coastal Virginia. It is one of the most highly sought after areas for buyers in the real estate market. It is also a must visit piece of coastline for tourists. It includes a three mile long boardwalk, and it is hailed as the most irresistible area of Virginia Beach.

The Oceanfront runs south from Croatan Beach to the North End beaches. It contains the prominent Atlantic Avenue, Laskin Road, and Pacific Avenue. It is also home to several prime neighborhoods and areas, including:
Bay Colony
Birdneck Lake
Birdneck Point
Cavalier Park
Harbour Point
North End
Old Beach or Shadowlawn
Princess Anne Hills
Salt Marsh Point
Shadowlawn Heights
South End
Rudee Heights

This is where the outgoing nature of the area is revealed, along with a park like atmosphere that stretches for miles. It is a special area, perfect for everyone – including people who say they aren’t very “beachy.” The area offers a unique charm of golden sands intermixed with gift shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlors. It boasts a lively holiday feel that lasts all year long.

Experiencing the Beach on a Budget

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, Virginia Beach is always innovating new ways to get more bang for your buck at the beach. Along the oceanfront, you will find 14 miles of public beaches with no fees.

There is enough beach variety to fit any mood, from the want for relaxation to the need to play. Tranquil spots can be found along the scenic Chesapeake Bay where swimmers can enjoy protected shallow water. The Oceanfront resort area is always active. At any given time, visitors can enjoy street performances, live music, outdoor cafes and nightlife, and any number of diverse festivals.

It’s easy to get back to nature at the Oceanfront. Virginia Beach has over 18,000 acres of state parks and national wildlife refuge. It’s the perfect venue for families, couples, and solitary souls seeking a free outdoor excursion. And just imagine living within walking distance of hiking, biking, surfing, and fishing.

Beach Street U.S.A. at the Oceanfront

The Oceanfront springs to life with entertainment and special themed events along the sidewalks of Atlantic Avenue from 17th to 25th Streets. Nightly excursions are common during the summer months, and there is at least one festival held each month.

Beach Street U.S.A. is one of the most popular events at the Oceanfront. Bands, jugglers, magicians, puppets, and others come to entertain the crowd right on the sidewalks. A number of free live theatrical productions and concerts also take place throughout the week.

Oceanfront Events and Festivals

Virginia Beach is a diverse melting pot of numerous cultures, and this diversity is celebrated in a myriad of celebrations, cultural events, and festivals throughout the year. The range of celebrations is as sundry as the city’s population and visitors. Some of the most popular Oceanfront festivals include:

The Latin Festival: Lose yourself in the beat of bachata, mambo, meringue, and salsa beats. Some of the best regional and national acts frequent the festival to entertain and excite the crowd.

FunkFest and Blues at the Beach: Explore the roots of African origins through music. During the FunkFest and Blues at the Beach Festival, today’s diversified music genres are explored to reveal the influence of Africa.

PANorama Caribbean Music Fest: It’s the steel band competition that brings Caribbean, Latin, and pop music to the streets of the Oceanfront. Get your groove on and transport to the Caribbean through sound, sight, and smell.

The Craft Beer Festival: Celebrate the German spirit every year at the Craft Beer Festival. It’s the perfect place to try authentic German cuisine and treat yourself to good food and good drink.

Festa Italiana: Love Italian? Indulge in the richness of Italy at the Festa Italiana where authentic pizza, pasta, espresso, and gelato can be had.

Oceanfront festivals are free and open to the public. It’s the perfect area to stay nearby for lots of fun, food, and flair.

Fresh Living at Your Fingertips

Fresh, healthy living is more than a growing trend in the United States; it is rapidly becoming a new way of life. Virginia Beach has long promoted healthy living, and the Oceanfront area is no exception. Experience the rural side of Virginia Beach by visiting the Farmers Market.

The Virginia Beach Farmers Market is an open-air, country-style market. It is filled with the freshest locally grown produce. Fresh dairy products, organic groceries, and a meat market are also featured. You can likewise choose from a variety of home and garden gifts as well as homemade jams. A restaurant is open year-round at the market, making it the perfect spot to enjoy one of the freshest, tastiest meals in the area.

From May through September, Oceanfront residents can visit the Old Beach Farmers Market. It is situated a quick bike ride from the boardwalk, and it is filled with healthy bounty. Visitors can find fresh herbs, wines, heirloom tomatoes, and an assortment of fresh, locally grown produce.

The Virginia Legends Walk

The Oceanfront 13th Street Park is a local staple. It houses the Virginia Legends Walk, which honors Virginians who have made significant contributions to the United States and the world. Anyone Virginian by birth or residence can be included. Some of those celebrated include:
Arthur Ashe
Captain John Smith
Edgar Allen Poe
Ella Fitzgerald
Patsy Cline
Thomas Jefferson

The Oceanfront Boardwalk

Otherwise known as the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, the Boardwalk at the Oceanfront is 28-feet wide. It stretches on for three miles. It features a biking only path, and it is the perfect outdoor spot for a leisurely stroll or rollerblading. Handicapped accessible ramps are available at every block and the walks reach the water’s edge so everyone can enjoy the beach.

The Boardwalk a treasured beach hot spot for both locals and tourists, and it has gained national recognition. Travel + Leisure named it one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks. It offers the perfect blend of shops, restaurants, and unforgettably amazing beach vibes.

Imagine having all of this at your fingertips all year long. It’s no wonder the Oceanfront area is one of the hottest in Virginia Beach. Isn’t it time you became a part of this unique beach area? You can by investing in the right property today.