10 Easy Ways To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Dated: 03/26/2014

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The real estate market has always been somewhat unpredictable, but in today’s turbulent economy it is even more challenging to sell your home for top dollar. Fortunately, there are many easy and inexpensive tips that will help ensure that you get more for your home.  

Here are 10 easy ways to sell your home for top dollar:
Curb Appeal Counts
  Potential buyers start to assess your home before they even pull into the driveway. Make sure your property looks good from the road and that all of your landscaping is well-maintained. Minor details like a rusty mailbox could give off the wrong impression, so spend a few extra dollars and replace any exterior hardware or lawn ornaments that are not in good shape. 
2.                  Remove Personal Touches   Family photos, bold artwork, and personal plaques should all be removed before showings. Potential buyers need to visualize themselves in the space, and that won’t be easy if they are surrounded by pictures of your children. All you need for décor is a subtle vase of fresh flowers, a couple of strategically placed mirrors, and a few sweet smelling candles.   
Eliminate Any Clutter
  Less is always more when it comes to selling a home for top dollar. Hide things in big totes, put away the kids’ toys, and remove everything from kitchen tables and countertops. The rooms in your home will look bigger when there is less inside of them; therefore, they will have a higher perceived value.      
Create Easy Pathways
  Take out any obtrusive furniture in hallways, closets, or bathrooms. Some people will place a dresser in their kids’ closets or a sofa table in a narrow hallway. The excess furniture will devalue your home by making the rooms look smaller.        
Maximize Your Home Lighting
  Natural light is always best, so open the drapes, pull up the blinds, and give the windows a top-to-bottom cleaning. Make sure to use soft lighting in any rooms that do not have enough natural light. Candles can be used to add a nice aroma to a kitchen or bathroom, but they should never be the only source of light. A romantic candlelit mood is not the right tone to sell your home.   
Update Bathroom Fixtures
  The entire bathroom will look old and dingy if the fixtures look old and dingy. It doesn’t cost much to replace the faucet, and a new sleek and shiny one might just be what it takes to secure a buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar. You should also replace the shower curtain and put out a new bar of soap. Any trace of soap scum in a bathroom will chase a buyer away.  
  Offer Buyers an Incentive
  You can entice someone into paying your asking price by offering them something as an added bonus. You could offer to pay for a particular repair or cover the closing costs. You could also offer to throw in valuable extras like the washing machine or your pool table.
Offer an Extra Incentive to Your Agent
Entice your agent by offering them an extra bonus if they are able to sell the home for top dollar. Although your agent will already be receiving a greater commission for selling it at a higher price, this added bonus might just be the motivation they need to make selling your house their top priority. 
Price Out Your Competition
Compare the other homes in your area that are up for sale to make sure your price makes sense. A real estate agent will make a recommendation, but it is in your best interest to do your own research. Some agents might suggest a lowball price just to ensure they can find a buyer.   
Ask for 5% More than What You Want
As the seller, negotiations will always go in the downward direction. If you want $250,000 for your home, ask for $262,500. It might be priced too high, but you could also find someone willing to pay that much and end up with more than you ever thought possible. Make sure to start high and then lower the price if you don’t get the responses you’d expect.  
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