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Dated: 08/20/2015

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Great Neck, Virginia is one of the most desirable locations in coastal Virginia. It’s said to be where residents and visitors can live life to the fullest, and they can get the best of the very best. But finding a comprehensive guide of the best things to do in and near Great Neck, that’s tough, which is why we’ve put together a list of 15 things you can do in the area:

#1: Get to Know George Washington

Did you know the George Washington Birthplace National Monument is found in Great Neck? Located near the shore in Colonial Beach, Virginia, it’s been labeled as a “wonderful peek into American history.”

The monument is found where Popes Creek meets the Potomac River, and it represents an 18th-century tobacco farm. The plantation was settled in 1657 by Washington’s great-grandfather, and it was later the birthplace of one of the most famous men in American history.

#2: Visit Westmoreland State Park

Looking for an opportunity to reconnect with nature? Great Neck is the place to do it! The Westmoreland State Park is a private and woodsy area. It’s a great place to visit or set up camp, as long as you make a reservation.

#3: See a Historic Church

Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a historic church, and the Historic Christ Church is a must see in Great Neck. It has simple, yet beautiful architecture. It’s been labeled as a “historical treasure” and a building filled with “historical tranquility.” There’s lots to learn here, too, about all the building material used to create the structure, which dates back to 1730 and sits on 9 acres of beautifully up kept land.

#4: The Steamboat Era Museum

Coastal Virginia has a rich and encompassing maritime history. Some cities, like Portsmouth, are steeped in maritime tradition to this day. And then there are gems dotting Hampton Roads, like the Steamboat Era Museum.

The museum transports visitors back in time, to a place where rival camps and canneries held dominion over the rivers’ shore. The exhibits display a rich historical account of how rural communities become connected to bigger cities, and how the area became what it is today. You can even turn a pilothouse wheel and travel an authentic steamboat route while you’re visiting.

#5: The Reedville Fishermen’s Museum

Easy to find and right off the coast in a little town called Reedville, the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum is a blast of the past. It offers interesting and informative information about the local area. Visitors always remark of how nice the staff is and how relaxing a place it is to visit.

#6: The Dog and Oyster Vineyard

Don’t let the name fool you, this quirky Virginia vineyard is named after rescue dogs. According to the story told by the vineyard, the dogs saved its grapes from the indigenous wildlife. And it only seemed fitting to add oysters into the mix since they are the region’s greatest asset.

A small and rustic vineyard, it’s hailed as one of the best in the area to visit. It offers a unique and pleasant atmosphere visitors say you won’t find anywhere else in Virginia.

#7: Good Luck Cellars

Looking for another winery to top off a day of sightseeing? Look no further than the Good Luck Cellars. It’s the perfect venue from which to purchase a glass of fine wine and enjoy the view on the porch while sipping.

#8: Great Neck Park

A relatively new retreat in comparison to the historic landmarks scattered about the area, Great Neck Park offers 70-acres of fun along the banks of Lynnhaven Bay. It was established in 1990, and it’s brimming with amenities. It’s the perfect place to bring the family or meet the locals.

You never know what might be going on at the park. Its gazebo is a popular local wedding venue, and its four baseball fields are sure to have at least one game in full swing.

#9: Relax at the Spa

Whether vacationing or just looking for a pleasant afternoon out, Great Neck has three spas to choose from. The favorite amongst locals is The Spa at the Tides Inn. Visitors rave about the spa’s hot stone massage and say the atmosphere and staff are excellent. In case they’re booked, there’s also the LaSource Spa and RECESS (a boutique spa at the Hope and Glory Inn).

#10: Play the Greens

If nothing spells relaxation like golf, then you’re in the right area. The Golden Eagle and King Carter Golf Clubs are two of the most popular. Avid golfers say both courses offer a high-quality game, and the scenery is most relaxing. If you play at The Golden Eagle, there’s a chance you’ll see an eagle. The course received its name from the resident eagles in the vicinity.

#11: Visit the Rec Center

If you live in the area, you’ll want to check out the Great Neck Recreation Center. Situated on almost 84,000 square feet, the multi-faceted center is packed with fun, active things to do. You can use the gym equipment, take a group fitness class, sign up for personal training, and enjoy the indoor pool.

#12: Visit James Monroe’s Birthplace

George Washington wasn’t the only historical figure born in the area. In Colonial Beach, you can visit the birthplace of American President James Monroe. Visiting hours are only on the weekends.

#13: Belle Mount Vineyards

Described by some as a “diamond in the rough,” this winery is a nice little spot to visit. Its wines are often found at Virginia Beach wine festivals, and visitors can taste and purchase while at the vineyard.

#14: Lay Back at the Beach

You’ll find yourself so close to the coast, a beach trip is absolutely necessary. The Colonial Beach Municipal Pier offers a small, mellow bay beach. It’s the perfect spot to sink your toes into the sand after visiting a local museum or winery.

#15: Go House Shopping

If you love Virginia Beach and want to find the perfect home in the best neighborhood, take some time to go house shopping in Great Neck and the surrounding area. It’s an investment you won’t regret as it puts you right in the mix of the finest life has to offer.

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