5 Reasons To Love Using A Real Estate Agent

Dated: 03/04/2015

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The number one reason for working with a real estate professional is a bit of a no-brainer that can be summed up in one word: Experience. But we covered that back in our article entitled 5 Reasons to Use a Professional to Buy a House. Now, we’d like to give homebuyers and sellers a taste of five reasons to love using a real estate agent.

Reason #1:   Education

The Internet is like a library of information. It is infinitely vast and chalked full of everything from hardcore statistical analysis to informative, advice offering articles. Thanks to this phenomenal information source, some think it’s easier to buy directly from a seller or sell without the aid of a knowledgeable real estate agent, but they’re wrong.

Real estate professionals are well educated in the entire sales process. They know the ins and outs along with the quirks that may accompany a local or not so local sale. They are a homebuyer’s and seller’s best defense and offense because their primary goal is ensuring their client walks away with the best possible home for the best price.

It’s their job to wrap up home buying and selling into a small, delectable, stress free package because their livelihood depends on it. Real estate agents depend on referrals instead of continually creating new businesses. Everything from their firsthand experience to their in-depth and continual education will benefit you as a buyer and seller.

Reason #2: Paperwork

If you have never bought or sold a house before, the amount of accompanying paperwork will seem overwhelming. If you’re a return buyer or seller, the tightly regulated mortgage market will make the previous paperwork from your first sale look slender.

A real estate agent is a paperwork pro. They’re knowledgeable about everything from the starting paperwork to the purchasing paperwork to the final closing details. One incorrectly completed piece of paperwork can turn the home sale process from smooth sailing to turbulent seas.

Reason #3: Pricing

Two types of pricing occur in real estate depending on your intent. For homebuyers, pricing is all about making an offer to purchase. For home sellers, pricing is setting the price of the listing. Both types of pricing are incredibly crucial to the buying and selling process.

An experienced real estate pro will assist in setting just the right price. For sellers, they will help pick a competitive price that still generates a real return. For buyers, they will aid in making an offer designed to grab the seller’s attention and open negotiations, if not seal the deal in one tidy, stress free package.

Reason #4: Negotiations

Negotiating a sale isn’t as easy as it may seem. Any number of variables from revisiting an offer after rejection to analyzing market value issues and adding in stipulations affects the direction and outcome of a real estate deal. During this often tense time, it’s important to have an experienced pro in your court, fighting for your needs and interests, above all else.

As the real estate market in Hampton Roads continues to strengthen, the chance of negotiation becoming a sales factor increases. You’ll thank your lucky stars and love working with a real estate agent when all that stands between you and the home of your dreams is smart, strategized negotiation.

Reason #5: Market Knowledge

It’s a real estate professional’s market knowledge that makes them invaluable to both homebuyers and sellers. They stay current on national and local market conditions. For sellers, they make the difference between a house that sits on the market for months and a quick, easy sale. For homebuyers, their intimate knowledge of neighborhoods and local areas allows them to weed out spam properties, getting their clients to the best houses in record time.

Real estate agents are also pros at decoding the latest real estate news, which means your time can be better spent on your priorities. They’ll work in the background, assisting you with finding the right house or the right buyer while simultaneously keeping their thumb on the pulse of the market.

The Secret to a Stress Free Real Estate Deal

Real success in real estate comes from using a real estate agent, and with these five reasons to love using a real estate professional, what isn’t there to love? You have enough stress on your plate with packing up and moving. Why not drop some? Using a real estate agent is the secret to a stress free real estate deal, and there’s an agent ready to make your deal real at Blu Skyy.

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