5 Reasons To Search For A Home In Suffolk

Dated: 01/13/2015

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Serious homebuyers know serious home buying involves much more than processing paperwork. Buying a home starts with the search. The search is perhaps the toughest, most grueling challenge because of its unpredictable nature. Will you find the house of your dreams in a matter of weeks or months? Are you searching in the right place, or do you need to consider nearby areas? Sooner or later, you’ll hit up Google for information about the city you’re finding appealing houses in to see what else, besides the real estate, is likeable. If that’s why you’re here, then let’s talk about the top five reasons to search for a home in Suffolk.

#1: Steady Growth

As of 2014, the population of Suffolk is estimated to be just over 84,000 people. Since 2000, the area has seen an overall population boom of over 32 percent. It’s a steadily growing area, which makes it a prime place for career and life opportunities.

The unemployment rate is 5.6 percent versus the United States average of 6.3 percent. Job growth in the city has been positive, increasing by nearly 2 percent in the last year alone.

#2: Increasing Home Values

The current median home in the Suffolk area is pegged at approximately $206k. Over the last year, home appreciation has seen a 2.2 percent increase. Couple this with low mortgage rates and a hefty number of home loan financing options; home buying in Virginia has never looked so good.

Increasing home values and a strong, resurging real estate market makes Suffolk a worthy investment for every potential homebuyer. It makes buying a home with the intent to create rental income a smart move, especially when taking into consideration the economic growth seen in just the past year. And the Suffolk real estate and job markets are expected to continue growing in the coming year.

#3: A Strong Public Education System

Public schools in Suffolk spend an average of $10,200 per student. There are roughly 13.3 students per teacher. The area also houses some of the most competitive public colleges in the area.

Suffolk is a great area to raise a family. The local and surrounding schools and colleges offer an array of choices for parents and college age students. The local events are perfect for inspiring creativity and invoking interest in any of the arts from performing to visual.

#4: Small Town Sensation

Are you looking for a small town feel with the conveniences of a larger city? Suffolk is geographically the largest city in Virginia. It’s ideally located within the coastal cities of Hampton Roads, with easy access to the bustling streets and coastline of Virginia Beach.

The national average commute time is roughly 25 minutes. Suffolk commuters spend roughly 28 minutes commuting. It’s a popular retirement location for military personnel, but it’s equally infused with young life and lots to do.

#5: Fun in the Sun in Suffolk

Dubbed as one of “America’s most playful cities,” the city of Suffolk offers a smorgasbord of fun. Performing and visual arts, festivals, eco-adventure, Chef-owned restaurants, historical roots, guided tours, and golf are just a few of the activities to check out in Suffolk.

Hampton Roads attracts some of the most talented musical performers and artists, most of whom stop by for at least an appearance. The venue of things to see and hear is constantly changing, which means there’s no danger of growing bored with the same old thing.

The city is rich with hometown legends, and arts and culture stretching back as far as 1608. Longtime residents say walking around the historic districts always results in a new discovery, and there’s plenty of revitalization and modern day infusions as Suffolk continues to grow.

Searching For a Home in Suffolk

The best place to start or step up your home search is to find a real estate company specializing in properties throughout Hampton Roads. While Suffolk offers small town charm, a stable economy, and attractively increasing home values, do not discount the surrounding areas.

Newport News, Norfolk, and Chesapeake all offer a similar yet distinct charm. These areas contain bustling real estate markets, chalked full of houses just waiting for serious homebuyers. Will you be one?

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