5 Ways Buying A Home In Virginia Beach Improves Health

Dated: 05/27/2015

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Are you looking for a better quality of life? Happiness is essential to health. When we’re living in undesirable conditions, bleak surroundings, and stressful circumstances, a toll is taken on our well-being. Your home should be in an area where you’re happy to wake up every morning, feeling well and at ease. If such a setting is what you need and what you’re looking for, come to Virginia Beach. We have plenty of reasons why buying a home in Virginia Beach is the right move for improving your health.

1.  Better Healthcare

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health states on their website that their vision is “[to] be a community of healthy people in a safe environment, conducive to a healthy lifestyle.” With this statement as their main focus, you know you’ll be living in a city where good health is a top priority.

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health (VBDPH) offers health professional training for students, who in turn are able to receive the highest training when entering the medical field. The VBDPH is involved with many different community groups, boards, and public forums. They also help out with memberships in maternal and child health, adolescent health, and several other community/professional boards and coalitions. And on top of all this, if you are a Medicaid recipient, you will have plenty of options for medical and dental care.

2. Quality Eating

It’s already been said before, Virginia Beach is a fantastic place to live for foodies, but did you know we also have tons of options for healthier eating?

Nutritious food is vital to good health, and where better to start or continue a clean diet than in a city with such a rich offering of culinary excellence? For an authentic Mediterranean experience, there’s Azar’s Natural Foods Market & Café and Baladi Mediterranean Cafe. For smoothie lovers, there’s Fruitive, an excellent restaurant with healthy and vegan options. And a well-established spot offering 20 years of service is Fresh Fare Café, making fresh, healthy, and delicious meals at fair prices. Those are just a few examples of the many great restaurants you can find in Virginia Beach.

3. Outdoor Activities

There’s never a dull moment in Virginia Beach! With such moderate weather year-round, you’ll never find it difficult to get outside and stay active. There are many outdoor activities in which you can participate, including surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, bike tours, and more than enough parks to keep you walking every day. With so much to do, you’ll have no excuse to stay indoors.

4. The Healing Powers of the Beach

As the name would imply, Virginia Beach is, in fact, a beach town, and easy access to the beach will be a tremendous benefit for your health. Staying out in the sun, while harmful if done in excess, will cause your body to produce vitamin D - essential for bone strength. Walking on sand is not only soothing and helpful for producing a relaxing sensation, but it also builds strength in the muscles in your feet. In addition, walking and running on sand are both more taxing on the muscles, delivering a better workout. And, of course, who can forget the ocean? The numerous minerals existing in the sea can protect us against infection, help us heal and detoxify, and impart therapeutic effects. The beach is already a desirable place to be, and now you can relax on the sand, knowing you’re also receiving major health benefits!

5. Recreation

Relaxation is an important part of healthy living. Stress causes so much unseen damage to our well-being, so we must find ways to unwind and release the tension. That said, you’ll want to live in an area where there are multiple ways to kick back and enjoy yourself. Aside from the activities already mentioned, Virginia Beach is home to many concert venues, golf courses, aquariums, theaters, spas, unique attractions, and more! There’s plenty to do for all different walks of life. With recreation made for children and adults, the fun will never end.

Come check out Virginia Beach and be ready to fall in love. There’s so much this city has to offer, and plenty of lovely homes awaiting you. You’ll see immediately how buying a home in Virginia Beach will come with many lasting health benefits.


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