8 Details Most Home Sellers Overlook

Dated: 12/30/2014

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Anyone who has successfully sold a house will attest to the value of a good real estate agent. Most successful home sellers will say the best agent is the candid one who points out the little details. Often the little things can make the sale. In fact, there are eight seemingly small details most home sellers overlook when trying to sell a property.

#1: Buyers Are Like Private Investigators

A private investigator leaves no stone unturned. In much the same fashion, buyers will open every door in the house. And they’re judging everything. The state of a closet can literally make or break a sale.

Living in the house and keeping it clean, and ready-to-show is tough. Stuffing clutter into a closet before a potential buyer arrives is not the solution.

Potential homeowners are on the hunt. They want a house with a pleasing floor plan, plenty of space, and a good amount of storage. You can boost the appeal by ensuring every door leads to a well-kept and organized space, showing off the potential of your property.

#2: Cleaning the Appliances Is Not Optional

Closet doors won’t be the only doors the astute buyer opens. Don’t be surprised if they reach out and open the refrigerator, microwave, or stove without even thinking. It’s a natural thing to do in the kitchen. If the appliances are staying in the house, the potential new homeowner will no doubt want to inspect them.

A nasty microwave interior coated with last night’s leftovers is a turnoff. A refrigerator containing a science experiment will not win favor. So cleaning the appliances is not optional! Be sure to tend to them prior to showing the house.

#3: Yellowed Switch Plates Kill

Every time we see a yellowed switch plate, we die a little inside. Light switch and electrical outlet plates are some of the easiest accessories to upkeep. Grab a screwdriver, remove a few screws, and you can replace the plate with a new one. Bright plates can improve the appeal of any room.

#4: Now Matters Most

No one cares what the house looked like when you first moved in. Instead of walking potential buyers down memory lane, concentrate on now.

If the house looks dramatically different from the day you moved in, take inventory. Is it better or worse in appearance than your move-in day? If it’s worse, find ways to improve it. If it’s better, highlight the improvements worth highlighting.

#5: Throw Rugs Are Throwaways

We buy throw rugs for specific reasons. Usually, for one of two:

  • Protection: The throw rug is down to protect heavily trafficked areas. As a result, it sees the bulk of the traffic. Throw rugs in main entrances or runners on stairs and hallways can be distracting, especially if they’re worn. Toss those throw rugs away and let the flooring you’ve been protecting show.

  • Esthetics: Throw rugs and runners are often used to improve the appearance of the floor. If your throws are hiding unattractive carpet or hardwood, throw them away and focus on the flooring. What can you do to improve it? It’s an investment worth making prior to selling.

#6: The Basement Matters

Are you highlighting a basement in your listing? Whether finished or unfinished, be ready to show it off.

Many a homebuyer looks for a property with a basement, and they will want to check it out. If the basement is packed with boxes and holiday decorations, work on organization. Be sure the space is presentable. Even if it is your primary storage area, a little tidying can make the space pop for a serious buyer.

#7: The Attic Is Important

It’s the forgotten space of just about any home. We store the things we hardly ever need here because climbing in and out of the attic is a chore. Before showing the house, take a trip into rarely charted territory. Dust down the cobwebs and spruce it up in case a potential buyer wants a peak.

#8: Cut the Clutter

We all have decorative preferences. Some like functional. Others like fancy. Regardless of your preference, make a concentrated effort to cut the clutter before showing the house.

Invite a friend who hasn’t visited for a while to come over. Ask them for an honest critique of what instantly catches their attention upon entering each room. Their feedback can help in cutting the clutter so the charm of your home is more readily visible.

Don’t forget to collaborate with your real estate agent. They can point out potential eyesores and help with presentation in both your listing and in person.

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