8 Great Reasons To ALWAYS Use A Buyers Agent

Dated: 04/09/2014

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Many people who purchase new construction homes and/or resale homes mistakenly think it is in their best interest to purchase directly from the builder or home seller's agent without using a buyer’s agent when in fact there are many great reasons why you should use a Realtor when making a new construction purchase or resale home purchase. A Blu Skyy buyer’s agent working for YOUR needs can help you find the right home at the lowest price.

1. The Site or Seller's Agent is Working for the Builder or Homeowner, NOT YOU – Guess what, the salesman is looking out for the best interest of the builder and/or the home seller, not you. Their main goal is to sell you a home at a price that maximizes profit for the SELLER and commission for themselves. Our buyer’s agents work for YOU. This means they are obligated to help you find the best home at the best price. A buyer’s agent will never try to “sell” you a home. Rather, they will listen to your needs and help match you with a property that suits you.

2. A Blu Skyy Agent has Substantial Knowledge and Expertise – Our Realtors spend many hours a day studying properties for sale, monitoring trends and looking for great deals. They are often experts in a particular community or subdivision. They know more information about the neighborhood you are considering than you could possibly acquire with a few weeks of looking.

3. An Blu Skyy Agent's Expertise is Free to You – The builders or homeowners pay a real estate agent's commission for representing the buyers. Many buyers mistakenly believe they will get a better deal if they do not use a buyer’s agent. They assume that since a builder has to pay the agent a commission, they would be willing to pass those savings on to the buyer if they do not use an agent. This is NOT TRUE. In fact, builders charge the same price for a house regardless of whether or not you use an agent. The agent’s commission comes out of the builder’s bottom line and in no way affects your purchase price.

4. A Blu Skyy Agent can Help you Save Money – Purchasing a new construction home from the developer or any resale home seller without the use of an experienced agent could actually cost you more money. Because an experienced buyer’s agent is so knowledgeable about the community you are looking at, they know when and where to find the best deals. Furthermore, they have access to information that shows comparable sales so they will be certain you do not overpay for a home. For example, did you know that a new home builder is more likely to offer an incentive at the end of a month? Also, builders are more likely to negotiate with you if you purchase an already finished “spec” home. Our agents know all of these secrets and more.  Our agents study and know the variables of any particular neighborhood or subdivision, knows how long each property has been on the market, and works aggressively on your behalf to get the absolute best deal for you!

5. Why Limit Yourself to New Construction – Most communities that are selling new construction homes also have pre-owned resale homes for sale as well. The agent working for the builder can only show you the new homes. Why limit yourself to new construction? The resale market sometimes has more choices at better prices. In fact, some people prefer resale homes because they already have window treatments, mature landscaping and no more on-going construction surrounding the home.

6. Our Real Estate Agents are Professional Negotiators – Our Real Estate agents know the art of negotiating the best deal. Even when a builder says, “we do not negotiate,” there is often room to wiggle. Our buyer’s agent know how to find the builder’s “bottom line.” This crucial knowledge can likely help you save thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new construction home.

7. The Home you Love Might be in a Different Community – You may not know it, but the home of your dreams might be in a community you didn’t even know existed. Our expert buyer’s agents might help you realize that there is a different community or area that better suits your needs and lifestyle. Our agents will help you explore all of your options before you make a final decision.
 8. Our Buyer’s agents will help you understand the contract – When it comes time to sign the contract, our buyer’s agents will help you understand the builder’s contract. Some contracts are over 50 pages long. It is important you have someone there (besides the builder’s salesman or site agent) to help you understand the contract and let you know what you are signing.  We'll guide you from the start to handing you the keys to your beautiful new home!  Worry free. 
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